“When I would wheel my grandchildren in their stroller on sunny days, without sun protection from bebe soleil they would cry when they were facing 

     into the sun,” says Ilka Gordon, the grandmother-  turned-inventor.  Her grandchildren refused to wear sunglasses for eye protection, but she was

     determined to come up with a solution. 

     Her idea for a unique and sun protective stroller accessory was born:  Instead of putting sunglasses on the child as sun protection, why not create  

     sunglasses that attach to the stroller.  Yet, she couldn’t find a good design for this important stroller accessory.

     Ilka was introduced to Lindsey Frick who owns an invention development firm, Product Tree.  Lindsey added the idea of using pairs of magnets to 

     attach the protective baby sun shade to any stroller canopy and bébé soleil protective sun shade was complete.


     Bebe soleil protective sun shade is made in the USA by Vocational Guidance Services in Cleveland, OH.  Learn how VGS utilizes workers with 

     barriers to create high quality products.


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