Bebe Soleil Stroller Accessory is the BEST Solution For Sun Protection

Buy bebe soleil stroller accessory for yourself or as a gift to assure highest sun protection for children

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"This has got to be the easiest stroller accessory sun shade out there. It attaches using simple magnets and my child can actually see through it. It's like having wraparound sun glasses for our stroller."     -     Allan - Chicago, IL

"We used the stroller accessory for sun protection last weekend on a walk, Zoe took her whole morning nap in the stroller.  She normally only lasts a half hour, but we were able to take an hour and a half walk!"     -     Alyson - Washington D.C.

The Dirty Shirt Blog - "I find it much easier to attach to my stroller than those other sunshades that you have to tie on and it provides better shade as well."

The Not-So-Blog - "This is great! It’s so hard to find shades that actually cover a child’s face when in a stroller, and this solves the problem."

Because I said so!!! Blog  -  "Little Baby was grinning ear to ear for not only did the shade work like a charm it also acted as a wind barrier and she got to really enjoy her trip without Sun nor Wind ruining the effect of the day."